The UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live. It will enable people to be contacted via their mobile phone when lives are in danger.

The system is designed to help emergency services and other agencies help the public to stay safe during potentially life-threatening incidents, for example during flooding. 

It will be tested at 3pm on Sunday 23 April when a loud, siren-like sound will be sent to all compatible mobile phones.  A message will also appear on mobile phone screens which will only disappear once the user acknowledges it.

You can opt out of an Emergency Alert – and it’s important you know how to do this should you have a mobile phone hidden from an abuser.

If you have vulnerable family members, please make them aware that a test alert will take place and what to expect, and if needed, opt out for them.

For further instructions on how to turn the alerts off, watch this short video

To find out more about the Emergency Alerts, click here