Financial Reports

Financial Information

Smaller authorities are required to provide electors with the opportunity to inspect the accounts and other documents for a period of 30 working days which must include the first 10 working days of July.

2018-19 Annual Return Documents

Any person interested has the right to inspect the accounting records for the financial year ending 31 March 2019. These documents can be made available on reasonable notice by application by email to, on working days commencing on Monday 1 July 2019 and ending on Friday 9 August 2019.

Accounting Statements 2018-19                                                 Annual Statement of Accounts 2018-19

Annual Bank Reconciliation Statement 2018-19                    Certification of Exemption 2018-19

Annual Governance Statement 2018-19                                 Summary of Electors Rights

Annual Internal Audit Report 2018-19                                  



2017-18 Annual Return Documents

Certificate of Exemption 2017-18

Period of Exercise of Public Rights 2017-18                    Summary of Electors Rights

Statement of Accounts 2017-18                       Annual Governance Statement 2017-18           Internal Auditor Report 2017-18

Accounting Statement 2017-18                        Variation Report 2017-18          Items of expenditure over £100


2016-17 Annual Return Documents

Notice of Conclusion of Audit                     External auditor certificate

Declaration          Annual Return 2016-2017         Annual Accounts 2016-17         Statement of Accounts 2016-17

Period of Exercise of Public Rights 2017        summary-of-electors-rights