Meet the Councillors

Healeyfield Parish Council is made up of elected Parish Councillors and Officers. Please view each of the sections below for further information.

Councillor David Dixon

Councillor Johanna Forster


Councillor Adrian Hird

Councillor Judith Robson

Councillor Judith Robson is the Vice-Chairman of Healeyfield Parish Council.

Councillor Alan Wallace

Councillor Kristina Spencer



Councillor Adam Pearson

Councillor Adam Pearson is the Chair of Healeyfield Parish Council.

Jonathan Coates

Mr Jonathan Coates is Healeyfield Parish Council’s Clerk, please view contact details below:

19 Oakwell Court
Hamsterley Vale
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE17 7BD

Telephone: 07588826026

Our address:


Meeting Address:           Correspondence Address:

Village Hall                        19 Oakwell Court

Drover Road                     Hamsterley Vale

Castlefield                         Newcastle upon Tyne

DH8 9RE                            NE17 7BD